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92d2a59036bf519f78c0682ca8d6e5fa.jpg  To the rest of the world, éclairs are the deliciously filled French pastry whose name means ‘flash of lightning’, for us in Honduras it’s basically the same, but oh-so-much-more. For some reason this delicious treat has been made part of our national pastry entourage, not necessarily known by everyone to be French & found worldwide! The sweet pastry is usually filled with poleada, & topped with a mouthwatering chocolate cream. Biting into one will surely remind many of us of our childhood, as they’re one of the most popular pastry items in bakeries and birthday parties! Today there is a vast amount of family-run pastry chains in the country.  Competition is a thing, but luckily small pastry chefs are still found in every corner, and you’ll be sure to find relámpagos among the selection in any one of them!

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