“Cuando me enfermaba, mi abuela siempre me hacía poleada con canela y pasas. Era como mi ‘comfort food’ por excelencia. Años después me di cuenta que en la poleada me ponía la medicina para que me la tomara sin darme cuenta! Mi mamá si puede hacerla y le queda bien, pero no la hace muy a menudo; y yo por más que he tratado no me sale igual…mis hijos la han probado donde mi mamá y les gusta, pero la que hice yo no les gusto por que parecía otra cosa…Pero lo lograré algún día!”

  Many people are reminded of their childhood with this comforting pudding. It’s somewhat thick, made with milk, egg yolks, sugar, and the thickening agent used for many other local recipes: cornstarch. Cornstarch, popularly called ‘maicena’ thanks to the commercial brand sold everywhere, is preferred over flour because it forms a fluffier, translucent mixture, rather than a heavy, opaque one. The pudding is also used as a filling for various confectionary treats. Eaten warm or cold, it’s usually served in a small bowl sprinkled with cinnamon. Some people like to add raisins as well!

Collaboration made by Carmen, a busy, hard-working mother of three, living in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. She has an fully-grown son, who is studying medicine & just had his first child, and two beautiful little girls under the age of five.