Iguana | Jamo


“Recuerdo mi infancia cuando cada Semana Santa viajábamos a Olanchito, Yoro, la ciudad natal de mi mamá. Cada Viernes Santo, mis hermanos, mi papá y yo teníamos que buscar que almorzar pues el menú era iguana o jamo que desde tempranas horas del día se preparaba en la cocina e inundaba la casa con su aroma. Llegada la hora del almuerzo, mis abuelos y tíos se sentaban a la mesa a deleitarse con su comida preferida, mi abuelo en la cabecera era el encargado de repartir entre todos los huevos de iguana, dos para él y uno para cada uno de los presentes. No creo que lo coma algún día pero recuerdo ver como mis abuelos, tíos y mamá lo disfrutaban.”

Jamo Negro.jpg   The Southern Honduras spiny-tailed iguana, or jamo negro, is a unique species limited to our country and is popularly hunted in the southeastern part of Honduras. The extent of hunting in this region and the impact on the iguana are unknown, but what IS known is that due to extensive hunting by the locals for food & traditional medicine, there is a raised awareness of the animal being threatened by habitat destruction and repeated forest burning. This has placed it on the red list of endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and although it lives in a widely protected eco-system, the small lizard is still considered a major delicacy for many, and can be prepared in many ways: sautéed, stewed, baked, or smoked. Although not everyone might enjoy this rare delicacy, everyone can enjoy the celebrating the emblem to the city of Olanchito in their anual Carnaval del Jamo, in which the city bursts with life & festivities.

Collaboration made by Lya, a hard-working busy mother of three. She lives in Tegucigalpa and works with a furniture design & production firm she has helped develop throughout the years with her family.