“Las enchiladas son una de mis comidas catrachas favoritas. Me gustan mucho por que me recuerdan a Honduras, y por que aquí en Alemania mi mamá siempre las hace con mucho amor. A mí me gustan sencillas: con carnita, repollo, huevo, queso y salsa de tomate. No me gusta ponerle el tomate fresco! Lo más divertido es comerlas con mi familia, siempre tomamos té de tamarindo para acompañarlas. Me puedo comer tres, y a veces hasta cuatro. Es difícil comerlas por que hay que agarrarlas con las manos con mucho cuidado, y si le pongo mucha carne, se quiebra la tortilla. No me gusta cuando se cae la comida de la tortilla!”

  The exquisite explosion of flavors in this seemingly simple creation is what makes it by far so popular and unique. The amazing contrast between its textures take the Honduran ‘enchilada’ to a whole other level. The typical arrangement starts off with a golden deep-fried corn tortilla. This is somewhat of a tedious task, but well worth the time. The tortilla is then topped with a combination of ground meat (sometimes with diced boiled potatoes), sliced boiled eggs, shredded cheese, tomato slices, diced beet, and shredded cabbage. This is a dish that works well as a main course, but forget the silverware! The way to go is using your hands.

Collaboration made by Fabiana, a young, active fifth-grader from Tegucigalpa, Honduras now living in Leipzig, Germany. Three years ago, her family moved to Germany, where she learned the language and actively engaged in her favorite everyday activities.