Topoyiyos | Charamuscas


—  Story Pending | Anécdota Pendiente  —

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There is no child in Honduras who hasn’t loved to go pick out one of these refreshing snacks out of the freezer at any local pulpería!  Frozen goodness in a baggie, topoyiyos or charamuscas (depending on which part of the country you’re in) are a delicious way to cool off any given day and thanks to the variety of fruits & flavors, it proves to be a great option for anyone on the go.  Not the most attractive way to have a snack, it sure looks shady for anyone who hasn’t tried one – in fact, they could actually be considered a serious health hazard, right?  Oh, but no, all is forgot once you dig in.  To eat it, you have to chew off one of the corners of the bag and suck the contents out right through the hole.  Easy-peasy!  And oh-so-good!  And don’t even think going artificial, these are an all-natural healthy choice, great for recess or lunch breaks, or even any given afternoon when the scorching sun is beating your back!

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