Tres Leches

“El tres leches solía ser el postre favorito de mi papá e hizo que fuese el de nosotros también.  Para cada cumpleaños y cualquier fiesta o celebración, el compraba y disfrutaba tanto comérselo, e incluso los domingos después de almuerzo le encantaba comerse un pedazo de tres leches, le encantaba por que no era empalagoso como suelen ser muchos de los pasteles y lo que más le gustaba es que era jugoso y muy apetitoso, le gustaba mucho el sabor a leche y canela que éste tiene!  Realmente disfrutaba comiendo tres leches…”

  We can’t claim ownership of this delicious cake since it’s popular in all of Central America, South America, Mexico, and many parts of the Caribbean! However, any Honduran will claim it as an integral part of childhood dessert time! This liquid-soaked sponge cake contains three kinds of milks: condensed milk, evaporated milk, and heavy cream, along with the regular milk added to the sponge cake base; this rich mixture gives it a rich, dense quality with the most delicious touch of sweetness, enhanced only by the merengue topping.  No matter where it came from, it’s to die for! You’ll find it as a popular dessert item in menus around town, or if you’d like to venture for a taste, try this recipe!

Collaboration made by Ernestina, an active young lady in La Esperanza, Intibucá. She is currently attending nursing school, enjoys reading & writing, and likes to take walks in her beautiful, green surroundings.