Sopa de Pollo

“Cuando empezaba a cocinar, recién casada, llegó una nueva empleada, y me preguntó que podía hacer de almuerzo. Yo le dije que hiciera sopa de pollo. Luego me pregunta, ‘Que le pongo a la sopa?’, le contesté: ‘Papas, repollo, yuca, zanahoria…y plátano’. A la hora de comer, aquello sabía espantoso. La sopa de pollo no lleva plátano, y menos maduro!”

  This is the ultimate classic in every menu around the world, and the king of comfort soups when feeling under the weather, popularly used to heal cold viruses or many other physical ailments. Our local version boasts freshness with delicious vegetables of a heartier cut, and uses whole chicken pieces, bone and all, instead of chopped or shredded chicken. Rice is always a desired add-on. The poultry industry in the country is on a constant rise, and in comparison to the other meats – pork and beef – chicken maintains a similar tendency with the rest of the world, since it’s so much more accesible. Of course, the commercial variety can be easily found in the form of dry soup mixes, but nothing beats the taste of homemade!

Collaboration made by Carolina, a retired school teacher living in Tegucigalpa. She loves her family and friends, and enjoys catering to many an event with her delicious home cooking, which includes a well-renowned soup collection.