Semita de Yema

—  Story Pending | Anécdota Pendiente  —

  Just like some of you may think of your significant other as the ‘cheese to your macaroni’ or the ‘ketchup to your fries’, being the ‘semita to my coffee’ is just like that, and more! The ultimate duo, no one can deny the magic of a sit down with these two, any place, any time! These sweet specialty buns, made of leavened yolk bread, are said to be an evolution of the popular Spanish bolillo that was tried to be reproduced in Honduras with the local ingredients. Like many specialty items, they vary from baker to baker, so there will always be a personal opinion as to who knows the best semita baker in town! It’s definitely one of the most beloved nostalgia foods for those who live faraway, a treat that shouts Honduran tradition and takes us all to a very special place.

Collaboration pending publication | Colaboración pendiente de publicación.