Pan de Coco

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  One of the most valued experiences when you travel to Honduran beaches is being able to buy these delicious rolls, made fresh from the wood-fired oven, sold to you by a lovely & friendly Garifuna. These rolls are mildly sweet, coconut-enriched bread, eaten throughout the coast, enjoyed warm, plain, with or without jam or butter, any way, any time! They originated among the Garifuna people who inhabit the coasts of Belize & Honduras, escaped slaves off a boat from Africa on its way north who still to this day live all along the Northern coast.  Their recipes are unwritten and mostly passed down from mother to daughter. The soft & tasty rolls are a little bit denser than typical white bread and not so overwhelming with coconut-y taste as you might think, making for a snack no one can resist when that basket comes up to you on the beach!

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