Mango Verde


—  Story Pending | Anécdota Pendiente  —


I definitely believe the easiest way to poison any Honduran is through a bag of mango verde off the streets. Who can resist?!  Just posting about it makes my loins burn, and for all the country men spread around the world, there’s a great big burst of nostalgia that comes with the thoughts of the little green delicacy.  Tiny green mangos are sour and bitter, which is why they’re perfectly paired with lemon or vinegar, salt & pepper, and the beloved dash of chile we all love on; a taste not many foreigners tend to enjoy – but don’t despair, ripe mangos are even yummier!  No one complains when its mango season, the trees are huge and these babies grow on them like there’s no end, which is always a great thing for street vendors, who stand all over with their mango stands, peeling the day away!  Whether it’s in one’s back yard – or the neighbor’s, on the street, in a restaurant, no one can resist pulling down mangos from high above (green or ripe), and kids have loads of fun climbing the trees in search for a the yummy snack to be prepared by mom!

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