La Burrita

“Cuando pensamos en la mejor manera de compartir con nuestros compañeros de trabajo una comida por la mañana, nada puede sustituir a una burrita con café! La burrita carga con un poquito de toda la comida típica deliciosa de nuestro país: un poquito de frijoles fritos, huevo con o sin chorizo, queso semi-seco, plátano frito, y hay quienes agregan jamón…y todo esto entre tres exquisitas tortillas de maíz calientitas, dos abajo, una arriba. La burrita es la excusa perfecta para tomarse un momento de descanso en la oficina y es la culpable de transformar compañeros de trabajo en amigos. ¿Quién invita hoy a la burrita?”

  Who doesn’t know the drill? Mornings at the office (or workplace in general) start off early, but the time comes for the much-awaited 9 o’clock break, where it is customary to put everything on hold for a few minutes and enjoy some quality time with your workmates while having a deliciously prepared breakfast snack with coffee. But this yummy snack is packed with goodness! It consists of two (or sometimes three) flat corn tortillas, traditionally stacked with refried beans, dry cheese, avocado, eggs, and plantain – but really prepared to your own taste! Known in every single social sector, it brings together in a unique way, from the high-level executive to the tired and sweaty construction worker, everyone enjoys this classic.

Collaboration made by Vania, an inspired professional living in Tegucigalpa. She works with a non-profit organization in helping pave the way to success for the children of Honduras, and loves giving her three children her best as a mom as well.