Hojuelas | Hojaldras

“Amo las hojuelas, pero las que son con miel rosada…tiene que ser rosada sino no sabe igual. Además de que son deliciosas, siempre me van a recordar a mi abuela, no había sábado que estuviéramos en su casa que no escucháramos por la calle: ‘Van las hojueeelasss!’ En cuanto oíamos a la ‘señora de las hojuelas’ corríamos a la calle para que no se fuera y las escogíamos nosotros…’deme esa’…’esa está como quebradita, deme otra’. Luego de un tiempo, obvio que ya hasta tocaban la puerta con las hojuelas de los nietos de Doña Olga; comprábamos como 10 o 15 siempre. Todavía hoy, si las encuentro siempre compro hojuelas con miel rosada.”

  One of the most prized delicacies of street eating, this flour fritter is extra special because of its distinct red syrup – which is nothing more than sugar made into syrup with a bit of food coloring! So many people know them only from the street vendors, not having a clue of how to make them themselves at home, even though it’s basically just fried dough. Found in fairs, outdoor venues, or in local confectionary stands to be enjoyed as a sweet tasty snack, they are most commonly known to all by the infamous lady who carries them on her head along the streets, selling them in a door-to-door fashion, or sometimes even stopping traffic along the way!

Collaboration made by Melissa, an out-going and active professional living in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. She enjoys her friends and loves her family, and engages in all sorts of different activities around town.