Frijoles Parados

—  Story Pending | Anécdota Pendiente  —

FRI.jpg  Beans are a small & powerful legume known all around the world, and in Honduras the shining star is the small red variety (with the small black trailing behind). Known for their versatility and huge amounts of nutrients & flavor, beans also boast quite simple preparations, which makes it a perfect staple food in a country where most of its population lacks a proper nutritional intake. Sadly, there have been times of severe grain shortages in the country’s history, to a point where we had to import the beloved reds from Somalia; oh, the irony. Luckily, the issue was quickly addressed, since it really hit all Hondurans in the gut, especially the poorest. We are all very familiar with the day our home is invaded by the smell of freshly cooked beans.  Nothing beats that first serving with a dollop of cream, some sprinkled queso frijolero, & crispy tortillas!

Collaboration pending publication | Colaboración pendiente de publicación.