“Cuando era más pequeña, mi mamá producía fresas. En la época de corte íbamos con mis hermanos, y mi mamá nos daba algunas para que fuéramos y las comiéramos – ya sea con leche condensada o simplemente así. Pero siempre íbamos de cama en cama, buscando las más grandes para llevárselas a mi papá. Luego se las cortábamos en rodajitas y con leche condensada se las llevábamos hasta el cuarto o donde él estaba jugando cartas. Él las disfrutaba tanto!”

IMG_2367-768x542.jpg   Strawberry fields aren’t quite forever in Honduras, in fact, they are limited to the región which includes the department of Intibucá in the west, where the population boasts about the strawberry production, sold in the local markets as well as the artesanal markets, but also quite high in demand on behalf of sellers countrywide. It’s our only local source! The variety that has been grown in the region is the Sweet Charlie: a big, juicy, sweet strawberry, grown by only about 10 families who live mostly in the city of La Esperanza. This region is perfect for growing the fruit due to its higher altitude (about 1,700 meters above sea level), cooler than average temperatures of around 16°C, and about 1150mm of annual rainfall. With its deluxe high-altitude produce, La Esperanza is definitely a place worth visiting.

Collaboration made by Rocío, a young student from La Esperanza, Intibucá.  She is now living in Olancho, where she is studying to become a veterinary physician. In her free time she enjoys reading & watching movies and loves to ride horses.