“Los días de feria en el pueblo donde vivía mi abuela me traen recuerdo de las colaciones que vendían en los puestecitos. Esos dulces que se deshacían en la boca lentamente y que no tengo idea como y de que estaban hechos. Los vendían en forma de collares que colgaban de las tienditas que habían montado, en canastitas típicas o en bolsitas de plástico. Las de forma de conchita de mar eran mis favoritas!”

  These treats are well-known in the entire country, but may vary so much in name, shape and form! The most famous varieties are those from Comayagua, Santa Barbara, and Yuscarán; each unique in its own way. Made of sugar, and sometimes cinnamon, lemon and egg yolk, these ingredients are mixed into a thick melt-in-your-mouth confiture that captivates the tastebuds of every generation. These sweets are a very time-consuming task, especially since they are elaborately shaped into various forms with molds, some still made of wood! Be sure to look for your little basket of these delicious candies in any local town’s artisan shop, or enjoy walking around when fair’s in town to have a few!

Collaboration made by Rosaura, a sweet, fun-loving teacher from San Pedro Sula, now living in Barcelona, Spain. She is fully dedicated to her beloved nursery students and comes home to a loving husband and their two beautiful baby girls.