Coctel de Curiles

“Los curiles son un tipo de molusco delicioso que se pueden encontrar en el Pacífico. Generalmente este tipo de marisco se puede capturar palpando con los pies el lodillo que queda al bajar la marea cerca de los manglares. Los curiles se pueden comer de varias formas, pero la más común y mi favorita es en coctel, que incluye la combinación de chile verde, cebolla, y tomate picados, con salsa inglesa, chile, sal, pimienta y limón. Una vez esos ingredientes en el platillo hondo, acompañarlo de una buena cerveza helada…a disfrutar!!”

This local mollusk only grows in the muddy sands and mangroves along the Pacific coast. Its shell is large and oval-shaped, relatively thick. To find these curious little guys, people usually head out the the swamps very early in the dawning morning, when the tide is usually low. Once they find a spot, they tie their boat to a mangrove, fit fabric sewn bags to their waste and begin thrusting their hands through the mud, searching for the shells, all done by hand! It is no easy task, and the search might last for hours with very little results.  Definately a delicacy beloved by those who enjoy fresh seafood, they are usually served as a savory and refreshing seafood cocktail.

Collaboration made by Ernesto, a fun-loving family guy living in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. He loves his routine trips to the southern coast with his family and friends, where he fishes and enjoys the sunny beach.