Algodón de Azúcar

“Aún cuando los veo me dan ganas de comerme un montón! De pequeña siempre iba pendiente por donde pasáramos para pedirle a mi mamá o papá y saborear un rico algodón de azúcar. Estaban presentes en piñatas, ferias, partidos de deportes, los fines de semana…Los que venden en la calle, el algodón de color rosado pudiera decir que es el más rico: ‘los originales’. Hasta el día de hoy el solo verlos por la ventana me emociona tanto que aún siguen siendo una de mis golosinas favoritas!”

  Cotton candy is by no means ours to call our own, but this sweet confection, which is known and sold all around the world, also decorates our birthday parties and carnivals, but more traditionally, our streets. Roaming street vendors can be seen carrying the wooden plank full of colorful bags all around town, because who doesn’t shout out on the streets to the cotton candy man as soon as they catch a glimpse of that pink? They are most popularly found hanging out by the stoplight, ready to run over to the first car that honks their horn at them (kid or no kid inside!). Always a messy treat for the backseat, almost everyone knows the magical feeling cotton candy fills you up with.

Collaboration made by Martha, a friendly and enthusiastic mother of two wonderful boys, living in Tegucigalpa. She is currently beginning her freelance career as an insurance broker, taking advantage of her free time to care for her boys.