Ticucos | Tamal Pisque


—  Story Pending | Anécdota Pendiente  —


This tiny little piece of bliss is only a small part of the great gastronomy our wild, wild West has to offer.  It’s a close relative of the well-known tamale, but quite differently elaborated: with masa, beans, and chipilín – a leguminous plant native to the region – all wrapped up in a tiny easy-to-go corn husk.  Usually eaten with a variety of local homemade sauces, they are a popular street food in the largest and most important city in western Honduras, Santa Rosa de Copán, a city whose historical center has been declared a Honduran national monument, with preservation of its Republican or Neoclassical architecture and cobblestone streets that have their origins in a prosperous tobacco farming industry of the 18th century, still a staple of the local economy today.  The city is also situated at a strategic point between Copán Ruinas & Gracias, Lempira and the the Celaque National Park, a hot spot for international renowned tourism!

Collaboration pending publication | Colaboración pendiente de publicación.



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