Alfajores | Chilenas

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—  Story Pending | Anécdota Pendiente  —

These magical cookie treats are quite popular all over Latin America, especially in Argentina. But in Honduras, they’ve found a special place in everyone’s heart. Basically two shortbread cookies with a sweet filling in the middle and sprinkled with confectioners’ sugar, they are the perfect match to a hot Americano in a quick pick-me-up date. The unique combination between the slight saltiness of the cookie that dissolves in your mouth with the extreme sweetness of the dulce de leche filling oozing out makes anyone who tries one fall instantly in love. Espresso Americano, a Honduran chain of coffee kiosks, made them easily available anywhere you are & took them to a whole other level: this perfectly sized ‘chilena de leche’ can never go wrong!

Collaboration pending publication | Colaboración pendiente de publicación.

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