Sopa de Tortas de Pescado

“En Semana Santa siempre vamos a la playa de Tela uno o dos días. El Viernes Santo lo pasamos en mi casa en San Pedro Sula y es el día para comer la sopa de tortas de pescado. Desde que tengo memoria recuerdo ese olor tan particular y mi mami en la cocina picando y haciendo todo para la sopa.Cada Semana Santa es especial por que para mí es un tiempo de compartir en familia y comer sopa de tortas de pescado. Desde que mi mami comienza a cocinar, el aroma invade la casa – ya es Viernes Santo, día de comer tortas y sentarse a la mesa a platicar y disfrutar! Desde que era niña, la cocina de mi mamá en Semana Santa olía a tortas de pescado! Me encanta y no lo cambio por ningún otro plato.”

  For many people enjoying the hot and relaxing Holy Week break in Honduras, this soup specialty is a must on the weekend! This fish cake soup is a tradition for many during this time of year when red meat is off the menu due to Lent. The fish cakes are prepared with dried fish – soaked, crumbled, covered in egg batter and fried to perfection. The broth is prepared separately with the fish bones and many savory ingredients, such as onion, tomato, peppers, achiote, cilantro, and spices. The fish cakes are added to the broth toward the end, and the flavors come together exquisitely. If you enjoy local homemade seasonal cuisine, then this delicacy is bound to delight you, made to be enjoyed with family on Holy Week.

Collaboration made by Sonia, a happy, active young professional living in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. She enjoys travelling the world and loves coming back home to her beloved canine friend, Lucas, after a long productive work day.

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