“Para mi la horchata es la bebida que más recuerdo…pues me acuerdo como mi mamá y mi tía la preparaban en casa cada vez que celebraban mi cumpleaños. Ahora de grande cuando la tomo esos buenos recuerdos de mi infancia regresan! Otro recuerdo que me encanta compartir: mi papá por su trabajo viajaba mucho y a veces mis hermanos y yo nos dormíamos esperándolo…sin embargo, a la siguiente mañana todos teníamos un pirulín en las mesitas de noche. Así sabíamos que había llegado al día siguiente.”

  Each country has its own particular version of this recipe, each with very exclusive tastes, unrecognizable to the others. In Honduras, this refreshing drink is made with ground rice, spices, mixed with milk and sugar; and depending on the region, gourd or morro seeds are added. It is served ice-cold as a natural refreshment, often served in outdoor parties and activities. For many, it is one of the most typical drinks, widely used in children’s birthday parties and sold in local stands.  In the last weeks, there was a wave of support for a local horchata-seller who was no longer permitted to sell his delicious and widely-known horchatas on the street by local municipal authorities. Shows how much people love their unique native delicacies!

Collaboration made by Laura Gabriela, a happy and busy mother of two living in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. A hard working-professional, she balances career, family, and her party-planning side business.

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